Monday, November 22, 2010

MS10-054 Microsoft Windows SRV.SYS SrvSmbQueryFsInformation Pool Overflow DoS

Another SMB protocol vulnerability that catch my eye these few days - MS10-054 Microsoft Windows SRV.SYS SrvSmbQueryFsInformation Pool Overflow DoS. My curiosity as the same : How it work?

This vulnerability has first discovered Laurent GaffiƩ in early 2010. He also discovered the issue in ms10-020 vulnerability previously. Summary from the advisory :

"A vulnerability in the Windows kernel can be triggered via SMB in Microsoft
Windows versions ranging from Windows 2000 through to Windows 7. This vulnerability allows an attacker to trigger a kernel pool corruption by sending a specially crafted SMB_COM_TRANSACTION2 request.Successful exploitation of this issue may result in remote code execution with kernel privileges, while failed attempts will result in a Denial of Service condition. Microsoft haspublished a patch to resolve the issue"

From [MS-CIFS].pdf, SMB_COM_TRANSACTION2 subcommands provide support for a richer set of server-side file system semantics. The "Trans2 subcommands", as they are called, allow clients to set and retrieve Extended Attribute key/value pairs, make use of long file names (longer than the original 8.3 format names), and perform directory searches, among other tasks.

The subcommand can be find in

The original SMB_COM_TRANSACTION2 request is in this format :

UCHAR WordCount;
USHORT TotalParameterCount;
USHORT TotalDataCount;
USHORT MaxParameterCount;
USHORT MaxDataCount;
UCHAR MaxSetupCount;
UCHAR Reserved1;
ULONG Timeout;
USHORT Reserved2;
USHORT ParameterCount;
USHORT ParameterOffset;
USHORT DataCount;
USHORT DataOffset;
UCHAR SetupCount;
UCHAR Reserved3;
USHORT Setup[SetupCount];
USHORT ByteCount;
UCHAR Pad1[];
UCHAR Trans2_Parameters[ParameterCount];
UCHAR Pad2[];
UCHAR Trans2_Data[DataCount];

How MS10-054 works?
The culprit is the MaxDataCount field! It indicates the maximum number of data bytes that the client will accept in the transaction reply. Windows will allocate a pool chunk with the MaxDataCount size without any sanity check. By allocating ZERO size of pool chunk, it could be a trouble if freeing the memory chunk.

PoC can be found in the full disclosure adviosry . I have try to test the PoC and it work with the target machine is in "WORKGROUP" domain and has a user namey "Y0" (0 is the zero).

C:\Python26>python.exe C
[+]Negotiate Protocol Request sent
[+]Session Query sent

C:\Python26>python.exe C
[+]Negotiate Protocol Request sent
[+]Session Query sent
[+]Malformed Trans2 packet sent
[+]The target should be down now


And the WinXP VM freezee...

For the PoC packet, we can clearly see the culprint "MaxDataCount = 0".

After all, the working exploit has included in metasploit modules/auxiliary/dos/windows/smb/ms10_054_queryfs_pool_overflow.rb

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