Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Solution for VMWare snapshots in different CPU

When I tried to run my VMWare image after copying from a Pentium4 machine to Intel Atom Processor netbook, the image may run smoothly in VMWare Workstation. Nightmare begin when i starts revert to the previous snapshot, error happened and the image totally hang with Suspend mode. All snapshots wont be loaded as this Error message shown :

"Error encountered while trying to restore the state of group monitorLate from file..."

Some advices from the net are remove the snapshots by using vmware cmd. But no one can afford to lose the needed snapshot.

Solution :

1. Remove the VM images from VMWare Workstation
2. Edit the VM setting by Notedpad or Vi:

* .vmx file to remove lines starting with:

checkpoint.vmState ...
* .vmsd file to change your snapshot type to "0":

.type = "0"

where is the name of the snapshot we want to revert to.

3. Reload and run the image.

It loads perfectly!

Credit to the post.

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