Monday, January 25, 2010

Brigthtalk : Practical VM Security Technique

I just finish the webcast in Brightalk, entitled : Practical VM Security Technique.

I found some of these interesting :

-Domain VHD Audit script
- connect to domain
- collect list of all computers
- connect to each computer and list all VHD, VMDK, and files over 800mb

-VMware VI 3.5 security hardening

- To sniiff VM-VM traffic, connecting a IDS VM to a promiscous mode virtual switch mode

- VMware VMsafe APIs

- VM traffic inspection,monitoring usually not done by organisation, the traffic is blind.

- Trend Micro approach to secure VM
1. local agent based to protect VM
2. Security VM that protect VM from outside
- Anti-malware scanning vm
- Instrusion Defense vm

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