Friday, May 22, 2009

Windows LiveCD

Today i need to create a livecd for WinXP. It should be a quite simple task to go with PEBuilder I found that this PEbulder will have error if we put in OEM version Windows. As i only have Dell OEM Reinstallation CD, it keep show 4 error and 1 warning when i try to build it. 4 errors all related to i cant delete 4 files, even manual. The only way to delete the file is by Safe Mode. Too bad, the buildding process still fail in Safe Mode.

I tried on UBDC4Win v3.5 as well. Still meet with some error that related to DeleteFile(). I can say that Dell has modified the OEM version and PEBuilder not able to recognise it.

Solution : I will search for a non-OEM version Win XP CD, i think this should work well as mentioned by a lot people in forum.

Scibble : VM player can play VM image well,we no need to pay for license..We can install new app in the image as well. Tested!

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