Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As GSOC 2009 accepted student proposal annouced yesterday, all my 3 proposals flunk. It was so so so so so so dissapointed when  i read the email from Lance, President of The Honeynet Project.

"...After much review and consideration with our mentors we are sorry to say that we were not able to select your application... " 

I expected at least one out of 3 will be accepted as i put all all efforts that i could, especially the Linux Sebek Stealth proposal. However,this is the reality. Now, i wondering, should i continue with what i propose? or should i work on other proposed issue?

Anyway, i gain more than i expected during the application process. Sebek, nepenthes, AMUN, sandbox, Anubis, CWSandbox, ThreatExpert..... this jargon not new to me anymore. 

Thank all mentors especially Lance, David, Eugune, Rob and Tholsten for your guidance.


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