Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Acer PQSevice partition

Tonight, i spent some time to install Ubuntu in Acer Aspire One, Hardy Heron as i haven't download Jaunty.

When i reached the Partition table stage, it showed that first sda1 is ntfs format, volumn label is PQService. Really curios on what happen to this.

With google, i noticed that it is the Acer restoration partition that stored the factory default setting. I think this may made the restoration faster and easier if any Windows corrupt.

As i will dual boot the lappy, the partition table created as
sda1 PQService
sda2 Acer
sda3 ext3
sda4 ext3 for this moment.

What confused me is the original boot flag set to sda2 partition.I chose install bootloader at default hd0, hopefully this will work.

Installing system, 76%.....

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